Shouldn’t plant-based foods be natural?

Growee Foods was started with the idea that plant-based foods should come from, well, plants. This shouldn’t be a crazy idea, but when you look at the labels of vegan and vegetarian foods and see methyls and isolates and so-called natural flavors, it’s hard to picture plants at all. 

Simple Spreadin'

Clear Conscience Eating

Produced in small batches, our delicious spreads are so simple and natural, they’re like a DIY creation. Only we’re the Y.


The Growee difference

  • All natural ingredients

    No GMOs. No weird, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Just stuff you have in your pantry.

  • Allergy friendly

    Gluten free. Nut free. Corn free. Soy free. Definitely NOT flavor free.

  • Globally Inspired Taste

    These aren’t your everyday condiments. Close your eyes and take a lunch break trip to a far away destination.

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